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James G Cave Bend Oregon
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Purchasable Inventory of violins, violas, and cellos:

On this website you will find the current list of purchasable string instruments. In any of James’ instruments you will hear extraordinary fullness, roundness, evenness and a wide dynamic range. You can dig in, yet the most tender pianissimo can be clearly heard on the back row.  Photographs and reference recordings of each instrument are included as available.

  • James Cave Instruments: Completely handmade by himself. They have label with the name James Cave, the date, and the location where they were made. These instruments are magnificent examples of contemporary stringed instruments that have the “old Cremona” sound. They are a wonderful choice for any professional, amateur, or advanced student instrumentalist.
  • Instruments in the style of James Cave: Handmade by apprentices specifically for James Cave. Then they are all hand-finished by James Cave, including final carving adjustments, varnishing, and all set up. The label includes the notation, “in the style of”. These instruments are a great value for the purchase price. Professional, amateur, and student instrumentalists  enjoy playing these instruments.
  • “New is not better, Old is not better, Better is better.”

A Strad model violin in the style of James Cave

A Strad model violin in the style of James Cave

TBD to be finished soon!

Picture: TBD

Description: A violin handmade by apprentices to James Cave and then individually hand-finished including graduation, final shaping, sound bar, varnish, sound post, bridge, and set up by James Cave himself.

Dimensions: 14 inches (4/4), Stradivari model with beautiful maple flame.

Character: Beautiful, even, powerful, and singing quality that is easy to play.

Recording: TBD

Price: Use Contact Us Form to inquire.

A viola to savor!

A viola to savor!


Description: This viola is handmade by James Cave Violin Maker in 2003.

Dimensions: 16″ body length, 14 1/4″ string length, Stradivari model.

Character:  A terrific viola with great depth, warmth, character, and volume.

Recording:  This recording is historical but is exemplary of what James Cave’s violas can do.

Recording begins with violin selections and is followed by Schubert Arpeggione selection played by Tim Barnes, Barnes Violins, Florida. (starting at 05:40 mark)

Price: Use Contact Us Form for inquiry.

A magnificent cello!

A magnificent cello!

This instrument is currently available for viewing and purchase at Metzler Violins in Glendale, CA.

James Cave Cello Piatti
Cello made by James G Cave in 1992. Full size; Piatti model.
Back of James G Cave Cello
James Cave Cello Piatti
Side view of ribs and scroll

Description: This magnificent cello is handmade by James Cave Violin Maker in 1992.

Dimensions: Full size (4/4), Piatti Model

Character: Very smooth and robust instrument which can fill a living room or a concert hall very easily.

Recording: TBD

Price: use Contact Us Form or contact Metzler Violins in Glendale, CA at (818) 246-0278 or .

A violin you will love!

A violin you will love!


Description: This lovely violin is handmade by James Cave Violin Maker in Bend, Oregon in 1992. This violin has been in our family collection for many years and we have recently decided to offer it to the public.

Dimensions: 14 inch body (4/4), Stradivari model.

Character:  Beautiful velvety-smooth Strad quality with strength and vitality.

Recording:  This recording is historical, but is exemplary of what James Cave’s violins can do.

Violin Selections on recording played by John Sherba of the Kronos String Quartet. (Followed by viola selections played by Tim Barnes.)

Price:  TBD, use Contact Us Form.

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