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Lenore Gilbert and James Cave
Lenore Gilbert and James Cave
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About Us:

James G Cave is a luthier of violins, violas, and cellos. He was the proprietor of the Da Capo Violin Shop in San Francisco California and Bend Oregon for many years.  James has made more than 100 instruments during his career and continues to make string instruments at his home in Bend Oregon. At 3,500 feet altitude and on the dry side of the Cascade Mountains, Bend is ideal for instrument making. He currently lives in with his wife, Lenore Gilbert, violinist and violist.

His career has been a continual quest for the twin goals of outstanding tone and beautiful appearance. After many years of work and experimentation he has formulated an acoustic system and a varnish which fulfil the most discerning aesthetic requirements. James is the inventor of the “PerfectPost”, the adjustable soundpost for bowed instruments.

Instruments made by James are for the artist who demands truly quality sound. You will blend beautifully but can fill the most difficult hall and easily carry over an orchestra. Or, you will enjoy such moments of chamber music which are irreplaceable in your memory.

James makes Stradivari and Guarneri model violins and violas; and Stradivari and Piatti model cellos.

An instrument by James Cave brings you…

  • Cremona Sound
  • Italian Warmth
  • Exceptional Timbre
  • Wide, Flexible Dynamics
  • Even Tone
  • Clear Focus and Core
  • Beautiful Blending
  • Easy Response
  • Excellent Projection
  • Beautiful Appearance
  • Investment Potential
  • Value and Prestige

A violin, viola, or cello made by James is your best choice. Sound, healthy instruments will all you expect from a great old Italian.

“New is not better, Old is not better, Better is better.”

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