A magnificent cello!

A magnificent cello!

This instrument is currently available for viewing and purchase at Metzler Violins in Glendale, CA.

James Cave Cello Piatti
Cello made by James G Cave in 1992. Full size; Piatti model.
Back of James G Cave Cello
James Cave Cello Piatti
Side view of ribs and scroll

Description: This magnificent cello is handmade by James Cave Violin Maker in 1992.

Dimensions: Full size (4/4), Piatti Model

Character: Very smooth and robust instrument which can fill a living room or a concert hall very easily.

Recording: TBD

Price: use Contact Us Form or contact Metzler Violins in Glendale, CA at (818) 246-0278 or http://www.metzlerviolins.com .

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