Purchase Process and Terms of Sale

Violins made by James Cave
Instruments made by James Cave






Purchase Process and Terms of Sale:


Instruments made, finished, or services provided by James Cave are sold “as is”.   Therefore, it is recommended that any instrument be played by you or your family member prior to any purchase.

You are welcome to try the instruments at our shop in Bend Oregon since we rarely send instruments in the mail or by commercial carrier.

The agreed total purchase price is due upon delivery of the instrument. A non-refundable deposit may be paid to hold the instrument for you until payment in full has been received.

As a purchaser of an instrument you will be given a copy of the receipt for payment in full and a letter describing the instrument for insurance purposes.

“New is not better, Old is not better, Better is better.”

We have business relationships with Metzler Violins in Glendale, CA and Just Joe’s Music Store in Bend, OR. Instruments shown at these facilities are available for purchase through those businesses.



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